The Construction Process

  1. Designing Your New Home—Choosing Your Neighborhood

    Whether you start from one of our Home Designs or your own, this is the stage where we work together to design a home that will meet the needs of you or your family. Your Project Coordinator will help you with all aspects of designing your custom home.

    This is also where you decide where you want to build your home. What area of town do you want to live in? Do you want to live in the Lubbock city limits? Do you want to build in another town? How much space do you need? These are all good questions to ask at this stage.

  2. Financing Your New Home

    Once you have designed your home and have chosen where to build it, the next step is applying for a loan. While you are free to use any lender you choose, David Rogers Homes works with a preferred lender that ensures a smooth home-buying process.

  3. Finalize the Paperwork

    Your Project Coordinator will schedule an appointment to get all necessary paperwork signed. Your Project Coordinator will walk you through the construction program, construction guidelines and answer any questions you may have. The 6-month schedule starts from this date.

  4. Plan Orientation

    This is the final stage before construction begins on your new home! You will meet with you Project Coordinator and the Construction Manager to go over every detail of your custom home before your final plan is drawn. The Plan Orientation ensures that there are no surprises once construction begins. After the plan is finalized and returns from the draftsman, it is taken to the city for permit.

  5. Make Your Decorating Selections

    During this stage your Project Coordinator will assist you in making selections for your home. Our Selections Room has a wide variety of tile, brick, stone, paint, granite, etc. for you to choose from. David Rogers Homes makes it easy for homebuyers by providing you with several Design Groups to choose from. Each design group was assembled by a professional interior decorator. However, as a custom builder we are able to accommodate any selection you choose.

  6. Construction of Your Home

    Once your home is permitted we are ready to begin construction. Your home is assigned to a Project Superintendent that is responsible for scheduling each stage of construction. The Project Superintendent will also perform all scheduled quality inspections of your home. During this stage your Project Coordinator will keep you informed of the progress of construction. You will also be informed about the upcoming final orientation and closing process.

  7. Final Orientation

    Once your home is completed your Project Coordinator will schedule a final orientation. During the Orientation your Project Coordinator will give you a tour of your brand new home. You will also receive a Buyer's Information Guide that will have helpful maintenance tips as well as all home warranty information.

  8. Closing

    Your closing date has arrived! Your Project Coordinator will meet you at the closing office with the keys to your brand new home.