The David Rogers Homes Difference

Homebuilding has traditionally been an industry in which there are many part-time builders as well as established homebuilding companies. Part-time builders are those that maintain a full-time job while building homes in their spare time. Part-time builders are a diverse group that can include Realtors, bankers, salespeople, and even firefighters. While some part-time builders may know how to build a house, they lack the structure, financial stability, market knowledge, and staying power of established home building companies.

David Rogers Homes has specialized in building homes for Lubbock families for over 25 years. During that time, David Rogers Homes has developed a unique home building process that sets us apart from the competition. The David Rogers Homes process is a detailed construction timeline that allows us to deliver a quality product in a timely manner. Our process is designed to keep your home on schedule, to keep you informed of the progress of your home, and eliminate any surprises at closing. Every home is assigned to a Project Superintendent that is responsible for keeping the home on schedule. They are also responsible for performing quality inspections at every stage of construction. Homebuyers are provided with a Project Coordinator that will serve as their line of communication from contract to closing. Each homebuyer will know exactly how our process works and is provided an approximate closing date before we begin construction on their home.

In an industry where late closings are the norm, David Rogers Homes has gone to great lengths to ensure the timely delivery of every home that we build. It is this attention to quality and customer service that has made David Rogers Homes one of Lubbock's leading custom homebuilders.